Monday, April 4, 2011

Citadel of David? That's what they call it.

I got to go to David's Citadel with Rayna's hebrew class.  Aside from the language exhibit, I didn't understand much since the tour was in Hebrew.  The language exhibit is amazing though and it traces the histories of written language through the eons.  Highly recommended.

The citadel is a walled fortress built over many periods and by different people.  David never lived here.  Yes, there was a mote, and it had alligators.

DSC 0804

The Tower of David, it is a minaret for a mosque.

DSC 0781

A round table covered in sand, with a projection from above that charts the history of the letters.  AMAZING

DSC 0786

A classic view from the top, with the golden dome over The Rock dominating the scene.  Beautiful.

DSC 0805

A look inside the citadel.  Remains from previous years jumble the interior but leave the mark of history.  At night there is a light and sound show that is supposed to be quite impressive.

DSC 0812

Requisite shot of me and my beautiful lady.

DSC 0841

Dale Chihuly chandelier in the entry tower.  The light from the high windows illuminates it beautifully.

DSC 0845

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