Tuesday, July 19, 2011


from one hand to the other, given not a trace
we suffer we joy we find such reaches to employ
all the feelings granted to us, we harken upon each one
we strive we linger we hold fast and fall upon

i take it till my dying day, that each of us must pay
the toll in heart break the dawn of new days
the pain and joys we suffer
am i not alone in these over crowded world
are i one with the masses
with the grotesque and the adored

a lone person smiling
a crowd of crying mourners
a flock in prayer an uplifted sayer
our voices cry for peace
yet slumbering we discover our internal is at war

we grind into the dirt we cleanse every pore
we sit with flies not twitching
we wash each and switching
alternating from health to dust
from rich into poor
we dive each time headlong
between activity and stupor

my fellow man, most precious lady
these emotions all i've felt
loss beyond reckoning
and joy untaken and uplifted
sadness at a single fault
and smiles secret and shared
i cannot walk past a single one
and feel i've never cared.

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