Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 3: The Shuk

Rayna had class today, so I went with her to school and gave myself time to get oriented even more, and do some research!  I hung out in the library on HUC's campus using the internet to find some capoeira (not too successful yet... Capoeira is everywhere, but good capoeira (Regional especially) is hard to find.. the search continues) and some Krav Maga classes.  Both are still eluding me.  If anyone reading this knows about either near the old city let me know!!!!

Rayna and I shared lunch in the M'od (it's the student lounge) on campus, and I wandered a bit more while she finished classes.  HUC is a beautiful campus with incredible views to the Old City and the Citadel of David, Mt. Olives, and the various historical and modern architecture on the hills to the East.  I finished Amos Elon's Jerusalm City of Mirrors, sitting in the Jerusalem sun on HUC's campus.  Felt quite fitting, and it's a wonderful read (and it was my Grandpa Moshe's book - he lived here, grew up here, and passed away this fall, so it was quite fitting and good feeling to finish this book here).

When Rayna was done she came home to find a napping Eli, and man was I out!  Somehow she roused me and we got equipped to go to the Shuk.  It's the big open air/enclosed marketplace where you can get everything ala the markets everywhere in the world other than the USA.  We have malls and Fred Meyers, and Shopping Centers... I much prefer markets.  There are some really incredible shops here, from fine cheese and wines, to dried everythings, to bakeries, to fruit and vegetable stands, to the kitchen and home supply slots.  I dragged the Shuk Cart around and we filled with with spices and seasonings, fruits, breads and baked goods, cheese and milk and who knows what.  We took the bus there and back and just FYI, busses are one of those awesome universal things.  Great bus system here.

Once home Rayna made a wonderful Hummus Basar (that's meat cooked and served on a plate with hummus and olive oil that you eat with bread) seasoned with Zatar (thyme and sesame).  I made salad and I think I fell asleep while eating.  I had come home for a nap earlier and had never truly woken all the way up.  The Jet Lag is strong here.  So I fell asleep early yet again, while Rayna studied.  I keep doing that and waking up early.... early enough to watch the Blazer game!!!!  I can stream it here live if I find a good site.  So go Blazers, but please, Jet Lag, let me go so I can sleep in past 5 am tomorrow.

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