Tuesday, March 8, 2011

While Rayna's at school, I'm...

Sunday is Monday. with all that entails, as you can imagine. Rayna's longest day at school, everyone is back to work, it's lovely. I get down to the task at hand (other than writing all of you) which in this case is learning Hebrew. There are a few other sundry tasks that i attend, finding a capoeira group (I think I have, but they are Abada so we'll see how it goes), finding some Krav Maga classes, and getting things set up for my return. I want to have a job in NYC next fall all lined up before I arrive, so as an architect there is a lot of front end research and work to getting myself ready for that. I'll keep you posted on that but for now, I want to be able to talk to people here without having to ask them right off the bat if they speak English.

Perhaps the most important thing I've brought with me is the Pimsler learning system Carmin and my Dad gave me before I left. It's a nifty little SD card reader and three SD cards full of Hebrew lessons. You pop in a card, your headphones and just follow along speaking. I do it everywhere and I am sure I look and sound ridiculous. "Pardon me, do you want to drink a little something?" Yes thank you.

It is very convenient and easy for me, and I find myself learning rapidly. I have already had a few cool interactions and a few that could be better. INcluding asking a man if he wanted my bottle for the refund in the feminine yesterday. He was very friendly in correcting me.

So i took my lessons mobile on Sunday, walking to SuperSol the grocery store nearby. I responded to the internally provided questions all up and down the streets of Jerusalem, answering everyone within earshot that yes, I do want to eat something at their house, and hoping that people assume I'm just on the phone, not crazy or worse.

It was mostly a success, but I did require the assistance of an English speaker once and a fellow customer hooked me up.

I brought home the goods and when Rayna got home I cooked up a delicious meal of Chicken with a Zatar rub, broiled on the bone, and a lentil rice mix we bought at the Shuk. I'll add some veggies next time.

Rayna's been interviewing this week after school with Synagogues back home. Due to the time difference all the interviews are in our evening and their mornings. She was pretty nervous but knocked them out of the park. She's a natural.

I keep falling asleep early at nights, and since she needs our room for her interviews I did so on the couch Sunday night. I guess you could say I'm feeling right at home. Best to you all back home too.


- with Shalom from Israel


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  1. I'm sorry I kicked you out of the room for my interviews......:(